Bases 32mm "rail´n tracks"


Round 32mm

"rail'n tracks"


Our base sets contains 5 different, finely detailed bases. There is no random placement - each pack contains the same bases.


So that the tabletop / wargaming figure(s) fit properly on the base, each package contains loose material for individualization: This set contains bricks, plates and wooden thresholds

The material is Juweelin. Juweelin is a ceramic material, which is much more stable than common casting masses - it can be easily grinded, drilled, sawed - broken only with pliers!


Height of bases: 7-12mm



Key data

Material: Ceramic (Juweelin)


Item no. 25008, content 1x5 pcs. (MSRP € 6.99)
item no. 25009, content 2x5 pcs. (MSRP € 10.99)


Juweela is only available in retail stores. Maybe your "favourite dealer"link>here is already there.

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Bases 32mm Tabletop

Bases 32mm Tabletop

Bases 32mm Tabletop

Bases 32mm Tabletop

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