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Flexyway are solid Juweela stones, which are separately fixed on a thin carrier foil. This makes the whole segment in-itself-flexible. Each stone can be removed individually: Potholes, damages, craters or the building site can be created where desired;


The segment can be cut and individually folded anywhere and at any point in the joints - without any visible interruption (as the joints are continuous).


The flexibility allows unevenness or ruts very simple. The ceramic bricks do not bend with, but behave as in the model.

In addition, they offer an excellent appearance and a color adjustment is also possible for beginners, e.g. with water based color.


When gluing, the corners do not bend up. We recommend to weigh down the corners for approx. 24 hours after removing them from the box. The material is sustainable and natural and can be easily adapted to the substrate.


Flexyway adapts to the modeler - not vice versa!





individual bricks with continuous joint (without connection between each other)

all ceramic bricks individually removable

brick size 3.8x1.8 mm

flexible substrate makes the segment in-self-flexible

easy/swift to use

individual/creative use

real endless laying (no more visible joints)

cut anywhere and in any Joint

sustainable and non-toxic

no edges, which can bend up

easy use of color (even with watercolors)

incl. joint material + separate pavers





Key data

Material: Ceramic


item no. 28365, content 1 segment (MSRP € 15.29)

item no. 28366, content 3 segments. (MSRP € 38.99)


Juweela is only available in retail stores. Maybe your "favourite dealer" here is already there.

5.90 x 33.00 x 0.01 cm
2.30 x 13.00 x 0.01 in

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cobblestone street old city straight  more
FLEXYWAY paver street herringbone

FLEXYWAY paver street herringbone

FLEXYWAY paver street herringbone

FLEXYWAY paver street herringbone

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