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PLATES 40x40





Everywhere in everyday life they are trampled underfoot - small concrete plates.

Especially the 40x40 (cm) version can be found everywhere: On the sidewalk or footpath, on the sidewalk or on platforms.


The H0 diorama is also happy about this. The plates offer much space for the modeler for individual and realistic creation. Due to the dimensional accuracy, they can be laid easily and quickly.


The plates are easy to process: Drilling, grinding, they are happy to do anything.

As with all Juweela ceramic articles, we recommend the use of standard wood/cold/white glue (PVA) for processing. Our tip: Always glue the first row firmly to have a stop". Then continue.

Key data

Material: Ceramic


Item no. 28269, content 870 pcs. (MSRP € 11.29)
item no. 28270, content 2,600 pcs. (MSRP € 25.89)


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0.45 x 0.45 x 0.15 cm
0.18 x 0.18 x 0.06 in

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40x40 Platten

40x40 Platten

40x40 Platten

40x40 Platten

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