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Fast paving together with the look of a single stone? With our paving slabs this works. The attached single stones allow the connection of the slabs among each other and in addition to this the one or other individual idea...

The slabs deliberately show a somewhat uneven paving or damage, because the paving rarely remains the same as on the first day. And since the diorama should be an image of the original, it has to be the same in the miniature world...

A further creative paving is possible at any time with our loose paving stones.


A subsequent painting is possible with any color; they can also be processed without problems (grinding, sawing, etc.). For gluing we recommend conventional (wood) glue (PVA) 



slab 61x31mm

single-stone look

unevenness, damage in the pavement

incl. separate bricks

Key data

Material: Ceramic


Item no. 23403, content 8 pcs. + loose bricks (MSRP € 12.49)
item no. 23404, content 16 pcs. + loose bricks (MSRP € 21.29)


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0.40 x 6.10 x 3.10 cm
0.15 x 2.36 x 1.18 in

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walking plates 50x50 light grey  more
grass pavers grey  more
Pflasterplatten Ziegel

Pflasterplatten Ziegel

Pflasterplatten Ziegel

Pflasterplatten Ziegel

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